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Our Story

Who We Are?

Roots Ladakh is a 3 year young Responsible Travel start-up based in Kargil, Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir state, India). At heart we are a for-profit social enterprise, in the business of adventure, rural and educational tourism and are pioneers in promoting the lesser known parts of Ladakh – Kargil and Zanskar. Our philosophy is to create “shared value” between the business and the community it thrives in. We believe that travel based initiatives are the best way to re-introduce Kargil and Zanskar and at the same time provide livelihood opportunities for the locals. We are a small team passionate about exploring the outdoors and are driven to help travellers look beyond the war history of Kargil and bring it on the world travel map.

Vision and Philosophy

Roots is a community driven, socially oriented, for profit social enterprise in Kargil, Ladakh. It is a culmination of initiatives rooted in the social, cultural and ecological heritage of Ladakh

We believe that Ladakh’s ecological, social and cultural wealth, if harnessed in the right way, has the potential to drive the development of Ladakh towards a more holistic and sustainable path and provide for the necessities of even the most remote areas of Ladakh. We also believe that business have the potential to create shared value for self as well as the community it thrives in.

Our vision is set a road map for the coming generations to appreciate and embrace our local heritage, ethics and values. Inspire business to be conscious about creating shared value.

What We Do?

We are working in various sectors such as sustainable tourism, arts, culture & heritage, agriculture, skill crafts and so on to identify potential challenges or opportunities for intervention resulting in sustainable business models that creates community livelihood and preserves our values and practices in Ladakh.

What We Offer?

We specialize in curating unique and offbeat adventure, rural and educational travel experiences in Ladakh. Our travel products range from immersive heritage village experiences, treks, wildlife and outdoor expeditions, customized journeys, study tours and camps, exploratory travel workshops in arts, culture, design and architecture.

We also promote Voluntourism and offer volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups in various parts of Ladakh.