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Roots Adventure Club

Roots Adventure club is a group for people from all over Ladakh & the world, passionate about the outdoors and share common mountain values and ethics.

It aims to promote outdoor & mountain culture and create a more conducive environment for outdoor and adventure sports to thrive in Ladakh. Inturn not only create livelihoods for the locals but it will also instill a greater sense of appreciation for the mountains amongst the young locals.

We invite outdoor, nature & adventure sports lovers to join us and contribute and collaborate to promote adventure sports in Ladakh in a locally relevant and impactful way

What we do?

  • Knowledge Transfer - Conducting workshops & training courses in Adventure sports for the locals
  • Exploratory Treks & cycling tours
  • Summer Adventure Camps for school children
  • Awareness camps

What can you do as a member?

  • Opportunity to part take in various outdoor activities such as exploratory treks, rock climbing, bouldering, cycling, rafting & kayaking
  • Collaborate with us or organize self initiated community projects in your area of interest be it education, healthcare, cultural preservation, adventure
  • Contribute towards various adventure training & skill workshops organized locally
  • Donate adventure & safety equipment

How to become a member?

Membership for first two years is free. After the third year an annual fee of INR 500/- is applicable to continue the membership

Fill this short form (google forms) to send a membership request.

Join our open group on Facebook (please note joining our Facebook group does not mean that you are an official member of Ladakh Adventure Club unless you have filled in membership form.

Membership form is also available on request by email. Send an enquiry to

Or it is also available in print at our office