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Travelling with Roots

Creating Shared Value

We respect the local traditions and customs. We will always brief you regarding these each time you travel to a different location. We encourage you to be open and free while travelling to these locations and invite you to explore the region in its true sense.

We focus on engaging local communities in our work to create livelihoods locally. Most of our camps/homestays are managed by the local villagers and local youth is engaged as guides/hosts

We organize workshops to train local communities and youth for technical training in mountain guiding, hospitality and responsible tourism. If you are interested in contributing, go to our work with us section.

Mountain ethics

  • We have a zero trash tolerance policy. We always clean up after ourselves on all hikes and trips.We use portable T3 tents and portable toilets and wash basins at our campsite which are cleared and wrapped up at the end of each journey.
  • Our camp locations are temporary and we don’t keep any permanent fixtures at the location.
  • Say no to plastics
  • Be Local – there is no harm learning at few local words while you are there. It always helps in building a rapport with the locals and blend it. Try to eat and buy locally.
  • Carry your own water bottles.

Equipment & Safety

  • We use comfortable mattresses with cosy sleeping bags as bedding inside the tents.
  • There is no electricity at most of our campsites as they are at remote locations. We use solar powered tent lamps.
  • Our trips require a moderate level of fitness.
  • The maximum altitude for treks can go upto 5500m.
  • Drink lot of water to stay hydrated and to avoid mountain sickness.
  • We always carry a first aid kid and a portable oxygen canister for emergencies

There is more to see in Ladakh than just monasteries, so opt for doing different things.
Lastly, come with a spirit of exploration!